point1New parts replacement at 100% FREE of charge & original inspection system! Same as Japanese government automobile inspection.
We have a wide range of makes and models in our stock as ready-to-use, and all our stock vehicles have already been fully inspected, maintained, and replaced at free of charge by our sophisticated factory with Japanese government license...click more
point2Direct import, Cost savings! Highest quality with low mileage at the lowest price. Cut wasteful cost and middle margin, reduce operation cost.
Please think, that total price of the vehicle purchased and imported directly from us is much cheaper than that of purchased at your local car shop. The reason is because...click more
point3There is warranty after arriving of your vehicle, so do not worry!
You do not have to worry anything about your vehicle's condition which has been fully inspected, maintained, and replaced by our licensed factory. Basically, there is no claim clause for used or secondhand vehicles, but we provide our claim clause for just in case...click more
point4Sales staffs are bilingual, experienced, and highly trained as worry-free exporter.
Our sales department has lots of Japanese bilingual staff with many years of experience, and has a strong responsibility with the right skills in the most professional way seeing from our customer's needs and standpoints...click more
point5We put together as a team & all departments are cooperated.
Our shipping department provides reliable and skilled service and makes all possible efforts to arrange the earliest shipment to any countries over the world, to give assistance with time-to-time shipment status notification to our sales department...click more
point6Online service improving every day for customer's satisfaction.
Our website offers various online service such as car search engine to find the right vehicle within a few click from our stock. Moreover, once you become a member in our website, "My Account" page enables you to access many kinds of online features such as free quotation, favorite box, special promotion, etc, and creating member's account is 100% FREE...click more